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EPIC, created to boldly go where other cover bands dare not, are now celebrating their tenth year of aurally stimulating Australian East Coast audiences. Consisting of highly renowned, experienced musicians, EPIC's primary purpose is – to play songs that other cover bands won’t. 

EPIC features the incredible talent of Jesse Balfour (Vocals/Bass), Alan Park (Keyboards), Stuart Kent (Vocals/Guitar) and James Palmer (Vocals/Drums). 

Together, the EPIC lineup has performed alongside some fantastic artists, including Sir Cliff Richard, The Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Small Faces, The Shadows, 10cc, Beggars Opera, Mitch King, Phil Emmanuel, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks, Todd Robinson, Ian Moss, Peter Ryan, Brian Cadd, Dame Edna, Billy Connolly & the list goes on and on. 

All songs in the EPIC repertoire have been hits on a grand scale, and EPIC reproduces each song with accurate respect to the original, all critical parts represented with class and flair whilst still allowing the members' personalities and musical influences to shine through. 

This is all delivered through state-of-the-art sound and lighting production at every venue. 

EPIC is currently one of the highest-rotated bands at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, one of the premier live music venues on the East Coast of Australia. 

Prepare to embark on a journey back to the era when ROCK was truly EPIC!

"What a brilliant band...amazing songs, voices and musicians. Such a treat to see them at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay”- Donna 

“Fantastic music, you guys are bloody cool. No one plays this repertoire” - Steve 

“Saw you guys at the Shaws Bay Hotel. Impressed!” – Janelle 

“Saw you guys on Saturday night; you guys are excellent! One Pink Floyd song at the end and you guys would be worshipped as GODS! YOU GUYS ARE VERY GOOD” – Allan 

“Unreal” – Khange 

“With the personnel in EPIC, it couldn’t be anything but...” – Brett 

“You guys are the real deal. No one else is doing this repertoire” – Tracy 

“I am definitely flying you guys over to play at my wedding in Portland. The best covers group I have heard in Australia or the US for that matter!” – Scott 

“If ‘EPICAL’ was a word, that would be the ultimate way to describe my Sunday night at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay” – Tom 

“Easy to tell you guys are seasoned professionals. Best gig I’ve been to in a long time” – Trish

EPIC was first assembled as a concept act in late 2014 by... 

Jesse Balfour – Lead Vocals & Bass 

Jesse is an accomplished performer with a long history of successful acts and thousands of gigs to his credit, including leading notorious party bands SuperCheeze, Mr Wizard and original band Wild Jester. He also has had residencies in venues, including MGM Darwin & Lasseters Casino, Alice Springs. Jess has performed with the likes of Rick Fenn (10cc), Brian Cadd, Tom Meisner, Roy Wilders and many more in Australia and overseas. 

An experienced entertainer and solo performer, Jesse wanted EPIC to be ‘more than just another cover band’ - an act that could and would perform previously untouched songs to a simple three-point plan: 

A: EPIC will play material that no other band is currently or has dared attempt in the past. 

B: Most songs in the repertoire will have been hits on a grand scale and/or featured large-scale production.

C: All songs will be played with accurate respect to the original, performed professionally with class and flair, and all critical parts will be represented along with strong vocal harmonies whilst still allowing the members' personalities to shine through. This will all be delivered with state-of-the-art audio and lighting production at every venue.

Alan Park – Keyboards 

Al is a certified musical legend, having served as Sir Cliff Richard’s musical director and keyboardist for many years. During this tenure, he performed in front of record-breaking audiences at the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium in London. He has also toured all major countries as a professional musician and musical director. 

Before this, Alan worked with a host of British musical royalty, including members of the Small Faces, Nik Kershaw, The Shadows, Olivia Newton-John, Don Everley, Skunk Baxter, Manhattan Transfer, Elaine Page, 10cc, Beggars Opera and many others. Al has also worked with comedy artists Hale and Pace, Billy Connelly and Dame Edna, covering a multitude of genres and musical styles. 

In more recent times, after moving to live permanently in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, Al has entertained local audiences in The Feramones, The Camel Tones, The Soul Shakers, The Steely Dan Tribute, and remaining a first-call session keyboardist both live and in the studio. No sound is unattainable, and no part is out of reach for Alan; thus, he is the maestro that makes the EPIC lineup possible.

Stuart Kent – Lead Guitar & Vocals 

‘Stuie’, as North Coast audiences have known him for many years now, was a prominent member of the North Coast rock group, The Henchmen. He was the “go-to-rock-guitar-guy” for Top Cat Recording Studio and WindSong Records artists. 

Stuie led and toured with his original band Mudskipper (with whom he won a Dolphin Award) and hard rockers The Rockadiles in the 90s. He also wrote and recorded advertising jingles and played in many bands as a ‘hired gun’, including recording and touring with Australian Idol finalist Peter Ryan and 301 Records artists Elevait. In addition, Stuart was also fronting the Country-Rock group, The Unforgiven as vocalist and guitarist. 

He brings his own style and sound to the EPIC stage with consummate professionalism, passion and a dash of swagger. It is no small task to be both Freddie Mercury AND Brian May in one song, then Steve Marriott, David Gilmour or Larry Carlton the next, but Stu pulls it off onstage every time with a showman’s attitude, extracting many sounds from his well-loved Stratocaster, hair flying 70s guitar hero style.

James Palmer – Drums & Vocals 

Originally hailing from Byron Bay, NSW and now residing in Brisbane, QLD, James has successfully shaped his career as a professional musician, musical educator and audio engineer. He has performed in a myriad of venues across Australia and with a variety of artists up and down the East Coast. 

James has been fortunate enough to work with numerous nationally and internationally acclaimed artists over his continually developing professional tenure thus far – both as drummer/keyboardist and audio engineer. He has also played on multiple TV ads, gaming soundtracks and other jingles along the way. 

Not only does James lower the average age of the band, but he also provides an energetic live performance with strong vocal harmonies, drawing on his many influences, including Jeff Porcaro (TOTO, Steely Dan etc.), Phil Rudd (AC/DC) and Steve Gadd (Paul Simon, Bonnie Raitt etc.)

James Palmer Music Drums Rugby Referee